Atlantic Ultraviolet Announces A New Economical, Compact, Versatile Ultraviolet Water Purifier

Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation announces its new Bio-Logic® Pure Water Pack™, with affordable price the simplest point-of-use water filtration and ultravioletradiation disinfection system obtainable. Rotatable heads build it totally different from the other unit on the market. the flexibleness of having the ability to rotate the top on either aspect of the chamber to match the present water association streamlines installation and ends up in savings of your time and cash. designed and made within the USA, the Bio-Logic® Pure Water Pack™ is economical, compact, and versatile. It contains a 2-part filtration method to get rid of unwanted sediment and cut back foul tastes and odors, and a stainless-steel ultraviolet disinfection chamber to eradicate nearly all microorganisms. Its ability to purify and clean water, in conjunction with the convenience of installation owing to the rotatable heads makes it the most effective point-of-use system on the market. For info concerning the Bio-Logic® Pure Water Pack™ visit
Ann Wysocki, COO of Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation is incredibly excited concerning the discharge of this product as a result of it fills a shopper need. She says, “For those people who wish filtered and refined water, World Health Organization wish to prevent buying bottled water, this product is intended for them. The Bio-Logic® ultraviolet Water purifier and Pure Water Pack™ is intended for purpose of use installation, underneath any sink, and with the rotatable heads and also the custom created mounting bracket the installation is straightforward.”
The Bio-Logic® units are obtainable as a mix water purifier and twin filter system, sold-out as the Bio-Logic® Pure Water Pack™, or a complete water purifiers, BIO-1.5 or BIO-3.0. The Bio-Logic® Pure Water Pack™ includes the Bio-Logic® one.5 gallon per minute water purifier prepacked on a mounting bracket together with 2 filters. This unit comes normal with associate installation kit that features tube, saddle valve, and long reach stainless-steelfaucet.
The distinctive feature on the Bio-Logic® Pure Water Pack™—the feature that creates it totally different from several others sold—is the rotatable heads. the flexibleness of having the ability to rotate the top on either aspect of the chamber to match the present water connection streamlines installation, resulting in savings of time and money. It is perfect for a do-it-yourself user to install under a kitchen sink, office, aquarium, boat, camper, or anywhere with a tight space.
Charles Boehme, ultraviolet Application Specialist states, “We realised throughout the Bio-Logic® Pure Water Pack™ development that one in all the foremost necessary options for the user, after fascinating water, was straightforward installation and maintenance. the majority wish to shop for the unit, and have everything they have to put in themselves. The installation kit provides them everything they have, and also the rotatable heads merely be. For the do-it-yourselfer, they eliminate the requirement to hire a plumber for installation.”
In addition to the rotatable heads and straightforward installation, the Bio-Logic® Pure Water Pack™ has these benefits:
Sturdy 5-micron sediment filter traps particles (dirt, sand, silt) for visually clear water look
Carbon filter reduces chemical element, trihalomethanes (THMs), and pesticides ridding water of unwanted tastes and odors
Perfect for flat, townhomes, condos, recreational vehicles, boats, laboratories, peddling machines, and innumerabledifferent installations once process tiny amounts of water ensuring it’s pure and disinfected is essential.
Ultraviolet purification chamber uses antiseptic UVC Ster-L-Ray® lamps to eradicate nearly all virus, bacteria, and flora for sterilized water
Compact footprint need minimal area
Type 316 stainless-steel water purifier chamber, electropolished and passivated for sturdiness
Exclusive Easy-Off ™ finish Cap for easy lamp modification
Stainless Steel Mounting bracket enclosed for easier install to secure surface
Equipped with leadless regulator in chrome end, and installation kit
About Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation (AUV)
Manufacturers / Engineers / Sales / Service – antiseptic Ultraviolet instrumentation & Lamps
In 1963, Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation began engineering and producing ultraviolet water purification instrumentation, ultraviolet air sanitation and surface disinfection systems, and antiseptic ultraviolet lamps for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. They still engineer and manufacture their product within the USA.
Germicidal ultraviolet lamps employed in Atlantic Ultraviolet’s products turn out radio emission radiation that’sfatal to bacterium, virus, and different microorganisms

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