Best Water Purifier In India 2017 Reviews And Tips

If you’re in search of best water purifier in India, then need not to mention that your not alone.Now impure water became a threat for everyone.  Because a person who does not having any bad habits, affect by most of the diseases only due to the impure water. And due to these reasons nowadays water purifier treated as a necessary rather than a luxury.Have a quick look at 10 best water purifier in India

PreviewNamePopularity ScoreLatest Price
best water purifierLivpure Glo 7-Litre
RO + UV + Mineralizer
Water Purifier
Amazon Amazon
best water purifierTata Swach Viva Silver
UV+UF Wall Mounted
6-Litre Water Purifier
Amazon Amazon

Flipkart Flipkart
best water purifierHUL Pureit Marvella
Slim RO Water Purifier
Amazon Amazon

Flipkart Flipkart
best water purifierKent Grand+ 8-Litre Mineral
RO+UV Water Purifier
Amazon Amazon

Flipkart Flipkart
best water purifierHUL Pureit WPWS100 Classic
14-Litre Water Purifier
Amazon Amazon

best water purifierKent Ultra UV
Water Purifier
Amazon Amazon

Flipkart Flipkart
best water purifierEureka Forbes Aquasure Nano
RO 4-Litre Water Purifier
Amazon Amazon

Flipkart Flipkart
best water purifierHUL Pureit Ultima
RO+UV Water Purifier
Amazon Amazon

best water purifierEureka Forbes Aquasure Aquaflo
DX UV Water Purifier
Amazon Amazon

Flipkart Flipkart
best water purifierTata Swach Non Electric
Smart 15-Litre Water Purifier
Amazon Amazon

Flipkart Flipkart

It’s been a long time that we use to read that our body contains 60% of water by weight, in our school days. And we all know that everything in our surroundings, including food, air and water polluted in twenty first century. So how can we maintain 60% of our body, and how to assure the water that we drink, free from all kinds of impurities and disease causing bacteria? Definitely the water is safe and pure when we obtain it from a best water purifier.

Need of a water purifier:All we knew the important of water on our day to days life, drinking water maintains the balance of our body fluids, control calories, helps enzyme muscles, helps to keep skin looking good, helps in kidney function and many more, that’s why water is most needed ingredient for our body functions and to ensure all these benefits quality of water is much important and when it comes to the quality of water, water purifier plays an important role which made it possible to maintain the quality of water.

1.Livpure Glo  RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier Review

You must have seen the Sachine Tendulkar water purifier advertise in your T.V. Yes the Livpure is the brand which was promoted by our national hero Sachin Tendulkar. Livpure was designed keeping in mind that it’s going to suit for everyone, no matter in which corner of India the person belongs from.

Livpure has both the RO and UV filters are used, This great machine is capable of killing and removing of all types of bacteria present in water, and at the same time it follows all the safety measures which are needed for a water purifier.

                                                                                            What we like in this water purifier

best water purifier1 A special mineral cartridge is fitted inside this device, so that when water passes through this after the RO process, then it adds essential minerals in the water.

2 The Ro filter inside the purifier effectively controls the TDS level of water up to 1500ppm, Makes water soft as desirable.

3 Six stages of the purification process, water goes under six types of different filters including RO and UV, ensures that you’re drinking completely safe water.


4 Able to deliver approximately 12 liters of water within just an hour, and also capable of storing 7liter of purified  water in its storage tank.

5 One year of manufacturer warranty was also included with purchase, from the manufacturer.

What we don’t like:There is nothing to don’t like in this purifier, except the live pure customer service, some customers complained that they are unsatisfied with this brand service. So we recommend to check the service center in your area so that you can get easy service.

Why we considered this as a best water purifier in India:As you can see the price of this purifier, which is comparatively much lower as compared to the other purifiers in this category with all these premium features, which generally comes with a high end device.

2.Tata Swach Viva Silver UV+UF  Water Purifier Review

If you and your family more concerned about the diseases due to the impure water, than this purifier from the renowned brand Tata is best choice for you. As these water causing diseases, mainly due to the bacteria present in the water and a UF filter inside Tata swatch  is fully capable of killing all the bacteria and germs from the water.

After successfully killing all the bacteria by using UV filter, the water passes through the UF filter, Which further removes the water contaminant, which are normally bigger the size than the size of the pores of the UF membrane.


What we liked in Tata swatch Viva

best water purifier

  1. Silver action was used inside the water purifier, which helps to increase the cartridge shelf life.
  2. Zero contamination tank: the tank which is present in this device to store the purified water, is zero contamination, means you don’t need to worry about daily cleaning of tank, cleaning twice or thrice in a month in enough.
  3. Advanced front panel: The front panel displays all types of intelligence information like UV fault indication. And additionally this purifier has the auto inlet water switch off mechanism.
  4. Completely safe food grade ABS material is used to make this purifier. And this machine purifies up to 30 liters of water within a single hour.
  5. One can easily able to open the front panel for servicing purpose and this purifier also capable of handling all types of voltage spikes.
  6. Free installation and one year of warranty from the manufacturer is included with the purchase of this product.

What we don’t like:As Tata swatch is based on UV + UF filter, this device is unable to maintain TDS of water and  unable to remove dissolved salts present in the water.Some costumers unhappy with the tap quality, as they say that there is a leakage of water in this purifier tap.

Why we considered this as a best water purifier in India:If someone is more concerned about the presence of bacteria rather than TDS and dissolved salts and metal in the water, Then this water purifier is going to his/her best choice, as this purifier without RO filters are more cost effective and due to its style, design and the brand name.

3.HUL Pureit Marvella Slim RO Water Purifier Review

Be sure that you’re drinking water that is completely free of all kinds of metal and contains the right amount TDS, with this HUL Pureit Marvella RO water purifier, which has six stages of the purification process.

Let’s have a look how each process works

Pre sedimentation filter: Removes fine and coarse impurities, dirt and enhances the life of the carbon filter.Pre-RO carbon filter: Removes all types of organic impurities and chlorine, also effectively absorbs the bad taste.Post carbon sedimentation: Removes remaining fine and coarse particles and improves the life of the RO membrane.

RO membrane: Removes all dissolved salts, hardness, pesticides and dissolved metals like lead and mercury from the water.MF (Micro Filtration): Present after the RO filter,ensures the water is purified twice.Post Ro carbon filter: Enhances the taste of water.

                                                                                                       What we like in Hul pureit marvella

best water purifier

  1. Meets and satisfies all norms of Environment Protection agency (EPA).
  2. The inbuilt intelligence system, alerts the end of the life of germ kill kit, 5 days in advance.
  3. 4 liter of storage capacity, which can store up to 4L of purified water for your use.
  4. TDS removal capacity 1800ppm, effectively maintains the TDS of water up to 1800ppm, to make the water soft and drinkable.
  5. Inbuilt voltage regulator regulates the voltage fluctuations.

6. Free installation and 1 year of manufacturer warranty included with the purchase of this product.

What we don’t like:As this purifier is based on only RO technology, it is unable to kill all types of water born bacteria and germs effectively.

Why we considered this best water purifier in India:In RO purifier category, it stands in the crowd at the top position considering its popularity and the consumer choice.

4.Kent Grand+  Mineral RO+UV Water Purifier Review

Talking about a water purifier without mentioning Kent, the conversation going to be incomplete. Kent gained a lot of popularity from last some years, especially in the water purifier category due to its quality product and the affordable features.

Kent grand was developed by using advanced technology which provides double purification of RO + UV +UF, effectively removes all types of unwanted chemicals and salts from the water and at the same time maintenance the essential mineral using the TDS controller.

What we like in KENT Grand

best water purifier

  1. Fully automatic purifier, gives filter change alarm, UV fail alarm and auto shut off, auto start features also included.
  2. Produces 15 liter of purified water per hour with built in TDS controller.
  3. Comes with 8 liters of purified water storage tank to store purified water.
  4. Transparent body with purified water level indication, by using this you can easily see the available purified water from outside of the purifier.
  5. Excellent corrosion free design, works with all types of water, no matter from where you obtained the water, such as bore-well, overhead storage tanks and even with municipal taps.
  6. One year of manufacturer warranty with free installation service.

What we don’t like:As this device has all the latest features and work with any type of water, the maintenance of the purifier is going to cost you a little more.

Why we consider this as a best water purifier in India:Fully automatic and comes with all latest advanced features and this device is from Kent brand, which is one of the internationally recognized and certified brand available in India.

5.HUL Pureit WPWS100 Classic  Water Purifier Review

Hul WPWS 100 is one of the best  non electric water purifier , which is perfect for those who have soft water at their place. We picked it as best water purifier in its category due its design, features and usability. And we sure that it can catch any body’s eye in the first look. HUL Pureit WPWS100 designed keeping all safety and need of all classes of Indian people, in mind.

                                                                                               What we like in HUL WPWS100

best water purifier

  1. Produces clear, odorless and safe drinking water.
  2. Although this purifier is non electric, still it uses specially designed germ kill kit, so that it automatically stops the purification process when the kit life is over, and indicates to change the germ kill kit.
  3. 5 liters of purified water storage tank.
  4. 4 stages of filtration process.
  5. All spare parts can be available easily.
  6. One year of manufacturer warranty included with the purchase.

What we don’t like:As this falls under the non electric water purifier section, the purifier is unable to remove dissolved solid and unwanted chemical , which may don’t suit for those you got hard water with high TDS, at their place.

Why we considered this as a best water purifier in India:Excellent eye catching design within affordable price range and the purifier meets all the norms of EPA (Environmental protection agency).

6.Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier Review

This is the second purifier from India’s foremost water purifier brand Kent, in our list of best water purifier in India. Kent ULTRA protects drinking water from bacteria and disease causing germs efficiently by using a powerful UV light.

This purifier resulted from the latest innovations in UV technology, it marks advancement over common UV water purifiers. Kent Ultra designed with a multi-stage filtration system, which uses the sediment filter and activated carbon filter to enhance capability for eliminating water born micro-organisms.

What we like in Kent ultra

best water purifier

  1. It has 11w of a powerful UV lamp inside the machine, which provides greater UV intensity, then a normal UV lamp to eliminate all unwanted microorganisms from the water.
  1. Automatic UV fail alarm comes into action whenever a UV lamp stops functioning.
  2. This device is capable to produce 60 liter of water within an hour and the whole machine is all about 4 kg of weight, make it easily portable one place to another.
  3. One year of product warranty is included with the purchase of this product.

What we don’t like:As there is only UV filter fitted inside the purifier, removing TDS and water dissolved metals and chemical can’t be eliminated using this purifier.

Why we consider this as a best water purifier in India:This purifier sustained in the purifier marked from last many years, due to its good performance and the consumer love.

7.Eureka Forbes Aquasure Nano RO  Water Purifier Review

Let’s meet the tiny little star in the water purifier market, the Eureka Forbes Aquasure, although this purifier is tiny, yet delivers a great performance with its inbuilt 5 stage purification process.

This water purifier is made up of non toxic food grade plastic material and the attractive, sleek design can be wall mounted easily, which results in clearing some space in your kitchen.

                                                                                                                  What we like Aquasure Nano

best water purifier

  1. Energy saver mode of this device saves energy whenever the purifier left idle for 10 minutes.
  2. 4 liters of purified water storage capacity tank with inbuilt voltage stabilizer protects all types of voltage fluctuations.
  3. The manual flush feature enables you to manually flush the water from the storage tank.
  4. One year of manufacturer warranty included.

What we don’t like:Some customer unhappy with the Speed of the water purification process of this purifier.

Why we considered this as a best water purifier in India:Price of this purifier is much more attractive, considering its features and the other purifiers in its category.

8.HUL Pureit Ultima RO+UV Water Purifier Review

HUL claims that, this RO+UV water purifier is capable of removing 10 million germs from one litter of water and it senses water up to 5000 times every second to show the quality of input and output water.

What we like in Hul Ultima

best water purifier

  1. Soft touch water dispenser, easily dispenses water with just a touch on the display button.
  2. Digital alert system, alerts 15 days before the end of life of the germ kill kit and 10 liters of water storage tank.
  3. 100 percent of water passes through RO and UV filter to give completely safe and disease free drinkable water.
  4. Attractive design with 6 stages of water purification process and have clear led display.
  5. Free installation and one year of manufacturer warranty is also included with the purchase.

We we don’t like:It doesn’t dispenses any water without electricity, even if the water storage is full of water, this is because this device is completely automatic and the tap also works electronically.

Why we considered this as best water purifier in India:Excellent design, look and the manufacturer claim that the ten litter storage tank can be filled within 20 minutes of time after switching and the germ kill kit works efficiently up to 245 days of continuous use or up to 400 litters of water.

9.Eureka Forbes Aquasure Aquaflo DX UV Water Purifier Review

I remember that I am seeing this device from my college days and it still has its reputation in the Indian market, Eureka Forbes Aquasure Aquaflo  ensures to give your family safe, healthy and clean drinking water. To do this, this Aquasure uses a three-stage process, the sediment filter removes floating particles, and the carbon block, removes the chemical and organic compounds. Then, the UV technology kills all bacteria and viruses.

Along with a compact and exceptionally long life cartridge, this Eureka Forbes Aquasure also has a built-in voltage stabilizer to protect itself against power surges, ensures its long life.

                                                         What we like in Aquaflo

best water purifier

Superior UV purification, 100% Chemical Free purification.

  1. Advanced dual cartridge clubs two filtration together and gives purified water, which is free from suspended particles and removes odor, bad taste and organic compounds.
  2. Gives 2 liters of safe purified drinkable water in every minute.
  3. UV lamp automatically switches off itself if the water is no drawn for about 10 minutes.
  4. Alerts incase of any mall functioning occurs in the purification process.
  5. The glass holding tray is also included with the model design.



What we don’t like:As this purifier comes with only UV filter, if you expect to maintain TDS and to remove water dissolved metal and salts then it can’t be possible for this purifier.

Why we considered this as a best water purifier in India:This purifier always got a lot of positive reviews from the customer, around every corner of our country, from the last many years and have a very affordable price in its class.

10.Tata Swach Non Electric Water Purifier Review

This is the last and cheapest purifier in our list of best water purifier in India. As the name says, although this device is non electric, Tata swatch has all those basic features of a water purifier.

What we like in this purifier

best water purifier

  1. Tata claims that their machine is capable of removing 100 crores of bacteria and 1crore of virus from 1 litter of water.
  2. 3000 liter of water can be easily purified with one cartridge.
  3. Storage capacity of 7.5 liters stores enough water for a four member family.
  4. Auto shut off mechanism.

What we don’t like:Only six months of warranty provided by the Tata group on this product.

Why we considered this as a best water purifier in India:All basic non electric features come with an attractive price range including 7.5 litters of storage tank to store the purified water for further use.

The thought of buying a water purifier for your family is a great idea and it’s going to be one the best gift for your family. But choosing a best water purifier among all the wide range of availability, depends a lot of factors and requires a lot of research. All that research we have done for you and we shortly cover almost all important factors that you need to know.

If you like to know detailed buying guide and benefit of each and every features of a water purier then refer Tips and complete buying guide of a water purifier

Water purifier buying tips that matters for a best water purifier

Water quality:

Before buying a purifier, it is much more important to know the water quality of water coming to your home, so that you can go for a suitable water purifier for your need and you can save some money on your purchase.

There are many factors like the presence of TDS (total dissolved solids), Presence of bacteria and the presence of different type dissolved metal are measured to know the water quality.

Electric or non electric:

All water purifier mainly falls under these two broad categories. Electric purifier has always been the best choice due to the purification accuracy, but still many costumers like the one who lives in an area where the electric supply is a big issue or the one who cannot afford the electricity bill, maintenance cost, prefers the non electric purifier.Choose the best among these two according to your situation.

Storage capacity:

Most of the water purifiers nowadays come with a storage tank in which the purified water can be stored after the purification process, so that you can avail the pure water whenever you need it.Choose the storage capacity according to the size of your family member.

Types of filters of a water purifier:

Major of water purifiers uses 3 types of water filters or combination of these three filters, lets see what are they.

RO (Reverse osmosis) filter:

This filter responsible for removing all types of dissolved salts, metals and maintains the TDS level of water and makes water pure and healthy. Before choosing a RO wate purifier, it is important to know the  RO purifier and how they are different from other purifiers.

UV (Ultra violet) filter:

This filter is responsible for killing of all types of bacteria and disease causing germs in the water, so that the water completely disease free.

UF (Ultra filtration) filter:

UF filters are generally used after the RO filter , so that it can removes remaining impurities from the water, which are bigger in size than the membrane pore size.


What if you brought a water purifier and unable to maintain the water purifier? The answer is simple, the water which you get from your water purifier will do more worse than better. That’s why always go for a purifier for which you can avail and afford the maintenance and cost respectively.

Brand and warranty:

For a long time, many people believe that a reputed brand always delivers good product, most of the time it proved true, as these brand sustained so many years and gained costumer trust due to their quality product and service. Reputed brand going to cost you a few extra bucks, but they stand on their word.

Final words:

Going for a RO+UV+UF purifier is always a best choice,but still choice varies from person to person, depending on budget and requirement, that’s why we listed all types of purifier, considering features and price, in our best water purifier list, so that everyone can choose the purifier according to their budget and requirement.

That’s all in our section of the best water purifier in India. We hope that these reviews can help you to choose a best water purifier of your choice. If you already have any of these items, or are planning to buy any of them, then please share your review in the comment section. This can help a lot online shoppers like you and me.

All numbers mentioned here was not denotes any priority,those are only the serial numbers. The Popularity score mentioned here was decided by many factors like consumer Preference,Duration of the presence of the product,reviews submitted by consumers and many more.

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