Kent drags Amazon, two of its sellers to Delhi High Court

Kent has been a market leader for a long time, especially in water purifier space, that’s why it is very common that KENT faces so many duplicate issue. Here is another issue that found an reported by the company. Kent RO water purifier System has taken Amazon and its 2 sellers associated with them, to the Delhi court for allegedly producing and selling a product and designing the same as those sold-out by the KENT water purifier company.

Kent RO legal adviser said the sellers are selling product that are almost like the registered kinds of the Noida company. “Lot of them square measure repetition our product and selling them on-line,” said Rajeshwari H, the legal adviser of Kent RO. “Amazon hosting those products is meant to examine.” She said “poor quality” copies of Kent Ro product that are priced for over Rs 15,000 are sold-out on-line at Amazon for Rs 3,000-4,000.

Amazon said it operates a marketplace permitting every seller to sell their product and said that their company takes such charges against sellers seriously. “We would like to focus on that the involved Kent Ro case isn’t regarding counterfeit, but regarding style infringement by sellers. Disregarding, even from a counterfeit stance, we have a tendency to want to state that Amazon has zero tolerance for counterfeit,” an Amazon spokesperson said in an e-mailed response.
Source:  Economictimes  India Date: 23-April-2017
As you read that the Amazon said that they are not responsible for such type of issue be careful if you’re planning to buy KENT water purifier, check carefully after delivery within the return time, so that you can return or replace the product.

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