RO water purifier and how these are different from the other purifier

RO purifiers are the most efficient and most accepted water purifiers of twenty first century. RO purifiers mainly consist of RO (Reverse Osmosis) filters, which is mainly responsible for the entire purification process.

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Let’s understand slice by slice

What is a RO Filter?

Like any other filter, RO filters also consists of a thin porous membrane. Through this membrane the water is purified by separating dissolved solids and any unwanted particles from the water.

How Ro filter Works?

RO (Reverse osmosis ) is a process in which external pressure was applied to alter the osmosis process, so that the polluted water which contains dissolved solids and other unwanted particles stays and only the pure water passes through the membrane.This is the best non technical way that we can explain the process.

Types of RO purifier

1. Wall mount RO water purifier.

2. Under sink RO water  purifier.

Wall mount RO water purifier

wall mount water purifierMost of the people who have small family prefers this type of purifier. This purifier normally fits in your kitchen wall and  I can definitely say that this purifier going to  enhance,the beauty of your kitchen.

This purifier comes with a water storage tank included within it. So that the purified water can be stored and you can use the purified water according to your necessary.

Under sink RO water purifier

If someone feels that the water purifier diminishes  the beauty of there kitchen or don’t like to hang the water purifier then, they can go for this under sink RO purifier. So, that it going to be invisible and works same as the other RO water purifiers.under sink water purifier

There are three water pipe connection in this water purifier. One is for water supply, One is for purified water, which can be stored where ever you want and the last one for the impure water, which was wasted during the purification process.

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Advantages of RO water purifier

advantages of ro water purifier1.RO is a unique technology and it removes all most all dissolved solids, the salts and many bacteria and germs from the water.

2. Unlike UV water purifier, it kills all the germs present in the water and also removes the dead bodies from the water.

3. These purifiers are portable, easy to maintain and you can easily avail the purifier parts every corner of your city.


Disadvantages of RO water purifiers

1. It requires a continuous electric power supply to operate.disadvantage of ro water purifier

2. One of the biggest disadvantages of home based RO water purifier is that due to low pressure in home conditions it wastes a lot of water.

3. Approximately, if you pour 5 litters of water in an RO purifier then you will get only 1.5-2 litters of water. Means more than 50 water was wasted.


Difference Between RO,UV And UF

RO Water purifierUV Water purifierUF Water purifier
1.RO membrane is used to purify the water.
2.Kills and removes all types of bacteria and germs present in the water.
3.Require electric power to operate.
4.Removes all type of solid and salts from the water.
5.Best suits for those who has high tds in the water.

1.UV light is used to kill the bacteria present in the water.
2.Kills all the germs and bacteria present in the water but doesnot removes the dead bodies.
3.Requires electric power to operate.
4.Doesn’t removes dissolved solids and unwanted salts from the water.
5.Water need to be prepared before UV to work.

1.UF(Ultra filtration) membrane is used to purify the water.
2.Removes all types  bacteria from the water.
3.doesn’t require electricity to operate.
4.Does not removes all dissolved solids and salts.
5.Best works with dirty ground water.

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