Sam Pitroda’s varsity to launch low-cost water purifier

BENGALURU: City-based Trans Disciplinary University (TDU), the production of technocrat guided missile Pitroda, will launch a straightforward copper-based water purification device referred to as TamRas, that prices a fraction of the value of reverse osmosis units obtainable within the market. TamRas is the university’s 1st business product developed once productive field tests in seven villages in state and 2 sites in Kenya. The university claims that pathogens inflicting diarrhoea get killed once water is keep within the copper-based unit for 8¬10 hours. “The ancient apply of storing drinkable wter in copper vessels is mentioned in ancient writing texts. Our 1st productive experiment was by storing contaminated water in copper pots. Since copper vessels are pricy, we’ve come back up this innovation that doesn’t need any electricity or fuel,” said Padma Venkat, faculty member and consultant at TDU college of Life Sciences.
“There is large potential for this water purifier because diarrhea is the second-largest killer of kids below the age of 5, after respiratory disorder.” At Rs 1,500, the copper-based device are going to be one of the best water purifier beside a 15 liter water container to which it is optimized. it’ll be launched Monday in Bengaluru moreover as in HD Kote, mm Hills and Raichur. Venkat’s team worked on TamRas together with scientists from the National Institute of cholera and Enteric Diseases (NICED), Calcutta and Christian Medical school, Vellore. Field tests were funded by Grand Challenges canada, an organization funded by the Government of Canada.

The university is working on another product to treat a livestock disease called mastitis. “Preclinical trials are done and its efficacy has been proven. We’re simply wanting to settle a specific formula for it to become more practical,” TDU vice-chancellor Balakrishna Pisupati said. another product within the pipeline deals with prophylactic treatment schedule for malaria, he added. TDU was formally launched in 2014 with attention on investing ancient medical information.
This school year, the university can supply undergrad and postgraduate courses in life science, conservation, technology and seasoning quality assurance. Funding for the university will be anchored by business magnate cs sunder Raju, WHO can offer “hundreds of crores,” Pitroda told ET. “We wish to be an innovative university and do things that nobody has done in education,” said Pitroda, referred to as the father of India’s telecommunication revolution. “The system might not permit this nowadays, however it’ll tomorrow. It’s just like how the system didn’t permit us to urge connected thirty years back, however currently Republic of India incorporates a billion phones.”

Source: Economictimes

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