Tips And Complete Buying Guide Of Water Purifier

Always there is confusion arises whenever you are planning to buy a new product. And what we do? We are simply googles it and we gather as much information as possible.

The same case arises when you plan to buy a water purifier, And you always prefer to buy the best one. There are many questions arises in your mind like, where to buy (online/Local store), Which one best suit for me and most importantly, am I able to maintain the water purifier? you will get all the answers of these questions by the time when you reach the end of this post.

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Here are some of the factors matters before buying a water purifier

Quality of water:

This is the most important to know the quality of your water, before you decide which water purifier is best for you. Water quality check authorities, generally checks for PH of water, presence of bacteria, TDS and many more.Quality of Water

Although all these are not possible to check for a common man, If it is possible for anyone, then we strongly recommend to check. Alternatively, measurement of TDS (Total dissolved solid) using TDS meter, alone can be enough to know the quality of the water. This TDS meter can be easily availed at Amazon with in RS 300-1000. So that you can save some bucks on your water purifier. And keeping the TDS meter helps to check the TDS level of your purified water after your purchase so that you can know the water quality of your purifier from time to time.

Generally, from 0-80 TDS, containing water know as very soft, from 80-150 level is soft, from 150-400 is hard and above 400 level is very hard. normally up to 200 level of TDS is OK, not going to cause any harm to our body.

If you’re unable to do any kind of water quality test, then simply go for the purifier which have all the filters and features, which going to cost you little more than your required purifier.

Electric or non Electric

Electric or Nonelectric Water purifierMost of the people thinks that the electric water purifier is more efficient and reliable over the non-electric water purifier. But it was not completely true, there are many customers who prefer the non-electric water purifier.
Let’s assume what are the major difference between these two types of water purifiers.



Electric Water PurifierNon-Electric Water Purifier
1.Generally RO, UV filters operates in presence of
electric power supply.
2.TDS can be controlled using RO filter over electric power supply.
3.RO technology based water purifier wastes a lot of water in the process of water purification.
4.This purifier requires high maintenance cost.
5.Only the experienced person can able to install this water purifier.
1.Carbon filters and gravity based filters are generally used in non-electric water purifier.
2.TDS can’t be controlled in this water purifier.
3.this water purifier does not wastes any water during purification process.
4.It requires very low maintenance cost.
5.Any one without any expertise can install this type of water purifiers.

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Storage capacity

Now a days almost all prefers the water storage based water purifier, So that they can avail the Storage capacity of water purifierpure water whenever they want it. Even if many people don’t even know the water purifier that doesn’t haves the water storage space.

After the water purification process, there is a storage space, in which purified water was stored. Choosing of storage capacity differs from person to person depending on their number of family members .

If you have 4-5 family member in your family, then we recommend going for 5-8 litter water purifier, which is more than enough for all your drinking purposes.


Maintenance of water purifierThis is the toughest part, Many people can buy a water purifier of higher cost in a perception, that it’s going to be one of their one time investment, If you falls under this category, then you’re completely wrong.

The truth is, if you brought a water purifier of higher cost with all latest features than you must have to accept the higher maintenance cost, And if you’re unable to maintain then you will face more bad effects than the good one’s, from the purified water.



Warranty and Installation

We strongly recommend to go for a water purifier, who gives free installation service and be Warranty of purifiersure that the service of the water purifier brand was available in your area, so that anytime you can contact them.

There are many companies in the market who offer the extended warranty service, go to this category of purifier to extent your warranty and for a hassle free service.

Water filters

Depending on the quality of the water you can choose the water filter among the available wide range of filters in the market. Mainly there are 3 major water filters available in the market, this includes RO (reverse osmosis) filter, UV (Ultra violet) filter and UF (Ultra filtration) filter.

Many companies manufacture purifier with a combination of these filters, which improves the water quality and fulfills all the water need of each and every customer. Here we listed some of the mostly used combined water filter based water purifier.

RO + UV water filter based water purifier

RO (Reverse Osmosis) filter is generally used to reduce or to maintain the healthy TDS (total dissolved solids) and to remove all kinds of dissolved unnecessary salts and chemicals from water. So that the water you drink is more tasty and healthy for your body.

And UV (Ultra violet) filter further used after the RO to sterilize the water. In this process a UV light was used and when water passes through this filter, it kills all the bacteria and water born, disease causing germ.


RO + UV + UF filter based water purifier

We already know about RO + UV. The additional UF filter helps to remove the small suspended particles which are bigger than the pores of the membrane.

UF filter generally used in purifier, in which some portion of the water was bypassed by the RO filter.

UV + UF based water purifier

In UV filter based water purifier, there was an ultraviolet bulb which kills all the bacteria present in the water, but this filter doesn’t remove the dead bacteria from the water. And further water was passed through the UF filter.

This filter normally suits for the water which doesn’t contain dissolved solid.

RO + mineral storage filter based water purifier

Some RO based water purifier removes essential minerals from the water, to overcome this situation some bands use the mineral storage filter after the RO filter.

This filter based purifier can suitable for the people who haves water with the high TDS count.

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